Councils across the UK are undergoing seismic changes, and I’ve joined one that’s leading the way


I’m writing this on my second day in ‘Digital Dave’s Attic’ on the top floor of Worthing Town Hall. ‘Dave’ is Dave Briggs, my boss, and a guy who’s been at the forefront of local and central government digital thinking for many years.

Our paths first crossed at the Department for Business (too long ago to think about) and he’s someone I’ve always wanted to work alongside.

The cause is a good one. Adur & Worthing Councils, like many other across the UK, have to do a lot more with much less. Dave’s team is spearheading a push by council director Paul Brewer to rethink how services are run, with the help of the latest digital technology. More on the plan here.

I’m here until March next year doing a few things – helping the first reimagined services go live, starting to look at the bigger systems the Councils run and how they could be improved for users, and helping Dave and others bolster community engagement.

There’s so much enthusiasm and talent here – I’m itching to get stuck in.

Thanks to John Wesley Barker for the photo.