Regular readers will know we don’t like reinventing the wheel. So we’re delighted that our latest project to rebuild is building on past successes

Everything highlighted in blue is shareable – including designs, custom modules and some configuration

A few months ago I shared an idea about re-using the website I and others had built for Brighton & Hove City Council. Countless organisations start with a clean sheet of paper without referring to others’ efforts – there has to be a better way.

Since then I’ve started working for Croydon Council on – you’ve guessed it – a new website. I floated the idea of revisiting our past work with Brighton and, lo and behold, it’s happening.

This makes me happy for a few reasons. First, it validates what we’ve done. A lot of good people put time and effort in at Brighton & Hove, and sharing it is a tribute to them.

Second, it saves both councils time and money. Croydon will get its new website far sooner. Brighton & Hove will get many new features it wouldn’t have been able to afford on its own. Residents of Brighton & Hove and Croydon will be the ultimate winners.

Our Croydon team met Brighton & Hove colleagues for the first time last week. There was a great atmosphere in the room, and we found plenty of other things that we have in common. I hope it’s the start of a wider collaboration. Product Manager Tom Steel hard at work with the team