We’re donating to TechResort’s “Future Fuel” fund to give Eastbourne’s talented young people the best possible start

Theo, me and Rob working on NowScreen – a business borne out of Theo’s idea

Eastbourne is full of great young people, and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with one of them over the last three years. Theo, then 15, was into programming and was looking for work experience. We worked together on an idea for putting What’s On information on regular TV screens, which ultimately became NowScreen.

Theo’s at University now, but we’re still working together (as his studies allow). It’s a genuine pleasure – Theo is smart, dedicated and reliable. We’ll hire him if we get the opportunity.

That’s why we’re delighted to support the Future Fuel fund. We’ve seen the great work TechResort is doing with young people like Theo. Our town and our country need many more boys and girls to pick computing, electronics and engineering subjects – and TechResort’s accessible and fun coding and making sessions are a big part of the answer.

We hope you can support Future Fuel too. You can find out more here.