A decent website and IT set up can make a huge difference to your bottom line, but the wrong decisions will cost you. Luckily I’m here to help

Photo by Phil Burrowes

Photo by Phil Burrowes

Many of us have been there. You’ve got a choice between two agencies on a project that can’t fail. Maybe you’re about to fork out six figures on some whizzy tech widget that’s supposed to solve all your problems. Or perhaps you’ve decided the time is right to get a new website or app, but you don’t have the know how to get started.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone sitting by your side helping you to make these tough decisions? You can see where this is leading 🙂

It turns out there’s a name for this kind of service. ‘Intelligent client’ is the awkward sounding term to describe an expert who you can call on as needed. When you need a sounding board. When you’re not sure about the right place to start.

I’ve acted as a dial-an-expert a few times now and it’s really rewarding for all concerned. You can feel the weight drop from a client’s shoulders as the approach becomes clear. And I’m happy because I’ve helped.

There’s a few ways it can work. Often all it needs is an hour or two talking about the challenge you’re facing and the solutions you’ve identified so far. Sometimes it’s about talking to potential users to clarify what you’re trying to achieve.

Occasionally I’ve joined the team I’m helping, wearing a ‘product manager’ hat. So you’ve got someone on the ground to put users’ needs first.

Next time you’re stuck in a digital jam why not give me a call? Think of me as an insurance policy to help you get the most for your money.